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  1. Sumesh Gupta says:

    I have installed apache2.2.20 just the way you have described. I wish to have php and mysql sp for apache. I have googled for them but nowhere I could find installation and config for php and mysql when apache2 is installed with -prefix=/usr/local/apache2.
    I installed php5 through sudo apt-get install but I need to know how to configure it to be used with apache2. Same with mysql. I am a newbee and learning web-hosting.
    I’ll be truly grateful if you could guide me for the same.
    My email addr is
    Thanks in advance


  2. Cees-Willem (SeeDoubleYou) says:

    Hi smottt,

    Today I posted a question on stackoverflow on which you reacted. This question was merged to servervault for some reason so you probably don’t get the updates. I had one other question which I posted as a comment and I think you might know the answer. What I posted is this:

    “There is however one more strange thing. localhost/phpmyadmin doesn’t go to phpmyadmin anymore. Instead it just outputs the raw index.php file. I think I remember reading somewhere that suexec doesn’t allow for anything to be outside the /var/www folder (or actually the root set for suexec and it doesn’t allow symlinks. Php is of course outside this folder since it is an install from the ubuntu repositories.”

    I hope you can help me out. It may even be a nice thing to consider for your tutorial.

    Kind regards,

    Cees-Willem (SeeDoubleYou)